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Posted on: March 14th, 2014 by John J. Custer No Comments

During the 2013 summer the newly established, Portland based, digital studio, Flavor, reach out to me with a simple request, “We need a mark.”


Several months later a wordmark was created along with a “Flavor Flav” typeface. The mono-military-like font was inspired from a single conceptual idea: “What typeface would a 21st typewriter use?” From this idea strong letter forms where created to illustrate the bluntness of Flavors projects while the delicate and playful color palette was selected to reflect the care and joy they bring to each clients specific needs.


You can see the identities use Flavors newly released website:


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I created a NIKEiD illustration style and illustrations that were used for Nike Towns and Nike boutique shops with ID departments in San Clemente, Hong Kong, Berlin, London, and Paris. Wall displays and limited edition shirts were created as well.

Harrison Metals

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An on going series of information animations I took on with Dress Code, for Harrison Metal—describing different aspects of the start-up business—in which I created a cohesive, linear illustrative style, typeface, and color palette that has been used for nearly 30 videos.


Each short was storyboarded and then art directed, with an animator, by yours truly and is continuing to grow each week.


Posted on: December 29th, 2013 by John J. Custer

Initially, I created a fun little Christmas card for my family to use for 2013 and sent it off to be printed by an online printing house—lesson learned: don’t trust ’em.


With that said, I created some one off “Late Christmas” cards for my mom to use for the Custer’s 2013 Christmas card. Merry Christmas!

MTV Jams: J. Cole

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Partnering with Dress Code, I storyboarded, designed, and art directed the intro and act graphics for a MTV Jams special on J. Cole.


Using MTV’s current branding elements (Helvetica ) we created some jarring, blunt, and possible seizure inducing graphics.


Unfortunately there are is no audio for the these pieces but please enjoy.

Broadway Showchoir Connect

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BSC is an educational showchoir program run by Broadway performer and choreographer, Chris Spaulding. The program utilizes Spaulding’s connections and friends within the Broadway community to connect with both public and private schools, along with various educational institutions. An ownable brand look and proper web presence had yet to be established for the company in the five years since it opened its doors.


A modular and stackable wordmark was created to alleviate the “long name syndrome,” along with a shorted monogram for informal use. A bespoke typeface inspired by the original BSC mark—a hybrid of the 1975 musical “A Chorus Line,” and the neon signs and lights of turn-of-the-Century Broadway—was created, and is also used for patterns and ancillary graphics throughout the brand.



Google Creative Lab

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During the Spring and Fall of 2013, I was part of two large-scale and over-the-top secretive projects at the Google Creative Lab.


The first project involved joining a small team on a large-scale branding project which included consulting, conceptualizing, and executing a logo, color palette, illustrative style, and language for applications ranging from large format print to pixel-perfect digital bugs. The second project involved the Google Glass team, where I collaborated directly with design leads on product design for a program that will alter the way we “Google.”



Nike 10

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To maintain the relevance of the Nike internship brand, the “Nike Adrenaline Internship Program” name was dropped, and the simpler name of “10” (a.k.a. Nike 10) was adopted. The new moniker breaks language barriers across the world, allowing the internship to truly be “global” while remaining affiliate-specific with connotations such as “Top 10 Billboard” (Converse), “Hang 10” (Hurley), “Perfect 10” (Cole Haan), etc. Along with numbers being fundamentally sports-related (scores, times, etc.) the icing on top of this rename is that the internship is a 10-week commitment, and the inaugural year of the rebrand would have been Summer 2010.


The development of the brand visuals balances the heritage of Nike and sport with a simple typographic treatment that takes cues from the running track (where Nike began), the ’68 Olympics, and BRS (Blue Ribbon Sports)—which was the original name of Nike.


“If you have a body, you’re an athlete.” –Bill Bowerman (Nike Co-Founder)


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Val: Personal Project; BSC Liner: Typeface for Broadway Showchoir Connect; Flavor Flav: Typeface for Flavor; Guster: Typeface for Dress Code

Assorted Typography

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An assorted collection of accepted, rejected, and personal typography thingies.


In order: HONOR FW’13 invitaion type exploration (killed); St. Petersburg Clearwater Monogram (killed): Work done for Pentagram; Quirky Monogram (killed); Home.To wordmark (killed); wordmark (killed); Chobani type illustrations: Work done for Little Fury; DGS delicatessen sandwich sign: Work done for Oliver Munday Group; HONOR FW’13 invitaion type exploration (killed); Cojourneo wordmark (killed): Work done for Ed Nactional.

W+K NYC Illustrations

Posted on: April 21st, 2011 by John J. Custer No Comments

Internal branding and illustrations done for Wieden+Kennedy NYC.

Nike Women’s Training

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Nike is in the process of rebranding the Global Women’s Training category by moving away from the ultra-feminine, “pretty in pink” stereotype to honor serious female athletes. These shirts were the first foray into this direction. Specific phrases and words were illustrated to encapsulate the feelings, thoughts and emotions of women who are serious about training. All of the bras and shirts depicted here were on sale during the 2010 Spring and Summer lines.