February 12,2014
SK M NG Illustration

Another day, another illustration!


This time, Kimberly McGuire—an MFA student in Design at SVA—hit me up asking if I could send a contribution to her thesis project: SK M  NG


She describes SK M NG as, “...an online platform that visually publishes the news with a single headline and connects to breaking articles across the web. The news stories visualized I hope encompass not only illustration but also vector art, gif art, motion graphics, fantasy art, sketches, etc.


As of right now her project mostly lives on Instagram, which you can see here, but once proper funding is accrued the business model will move to hiring designers, illustrators and artists—you gotta start somewhere.


The specific article Kim sent my way was one addressing CVS’s newest business move to stop selling tobacco products by the 2014 Fall and Obama’s praise of the decision.


Currently the illustration can be found on SK M NG’s Instagram page.


Thanks for looping me in, Kim, and thanks to Gail Anderson for hooking us up.

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