Project M 2008

Project M is an intensive summer program founded by John Bielenberg which aims to inspire young graphic designers, writers, photographers, and other creative people to show that their work can have a positive and significant impact on the world.


My Project M 2008 Team, in collaboration with HERO (Hale Empowerment and Revitalization Organization), has created a permanent Design Lab space in Greensboro, Alabama. By open-sourcing Project M to other evolving, passionate designers, Project M has become a catalyst for change in a county and country that needs it. Instead of solving one isolated issue in the community, we address multiple inadequacies, and in the process shift the global perception of what a young designer’s responsibility and role in our changing world can be.


We spent the first half of June 2008 conceiving the project, and the last half executing it. Our goal was to renovate an old schoolhouse into a light-filled studio. We created tables, installed lighting, designed and installed a new bathroom, built an L-shaped bench that is situated in a space that will become a community garden, created signage, and more. Along with the physical building, we created a virtual resource that easily connects and informs aspiring young innovators about Project M, its advisors, alumni, and past, present and future projects.


Visit the Project M Lab website.

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Work done for Project M

Creative Educator: John Bielenberg
Creative Advisors: Christopher Simmons, Dan Covert, Andre Andreev, Ben Barry, Oliver Munday, Bernard Canniffe, Mike Weikert, Thomas Sevcik, Erik Cox, Bob Dinetz, Jeff Caldwell, Thomas Sevcik, and many more
Designers: Nuzi Barkatally, John Bogan, Charolette Graves, Cassie Hester, Sereh Mead, Katie Powers, Arvi Raquel-Santos, John J. Custer