Nine Lives of Chloe King

During my stint at Wieden+Kennedy I was asked to create a couple of symbols and assets that ABC would use for a blogger press kit to promote a new show (in 2011) called The Nine Lives of Chloe King. The shows premise, in short, was: An ancient being, the Mia, whom are half human and half Bastet, have been the protectors of the human race for thousands of years from a mysterious being yet to be fully understood.



The show did not last more than about 5 episodes before ABC pulled the plug (surprise?), however, I was able to create a conceptual and cryptic “ancient language” that was used to decode and encode aspects of the mysterious press kid. In fact, ABC loved the marks and language so much that they patented and implemented them in show—of course none of those episodes ever aired but it’s the thought that counts.


The aesthetics for the markings were simply inspired by the claw marks of a cat/Bastet…and I hate cats.


Shout out to Patrick Cahalan for setting it up for me.

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Work done for Wieden+Kennedy

Art Director and Design: John J. Custer