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Smoke Kings

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A dear friend of mine, Casey King, his brother, and his father participate in competitive BBQ tasting competitions through out Texas. After several successful years they reached out to me to help them create a mark they could stand behind for the years to come.


With a simple brief and history I was able to create an iconic cattle brand mark that not only merges both a crown and a wood fire but ingrates 3 specific flames representing the father and son trio.


I hope to have a few photos of fun things in the future.

Yule Log 2.014

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I was honored to team up with Eddie Song and participate in the second showing of Dan Savage’s Yule Log (2.014), a collection of short films by stellar artists, illustrators, coders, animators, and designers who all bring a creative outlook to the age old tradition. Our specific animation was to meant to tickle your brain.


Check out all the other videos on the Yule Log’s website.


Check out the write up over at Motionographer and also Cool Hunting.

DFW Child Illustrations

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Editorial Illustrations for a small, Dallas-based parenting magazine, DFW Child.


In order: Parental Depression’s Effect on Children, Toxic Furniture, The State of a Broken [CPS] System (2), Mommy Needs A Drink, Mommy Needs A Drink 2, The State of a Broken [CPS] System (1), Toxic Furniture (killed), Family Deportation, Government & Birth+Babies: Section headers, [Adult]escent Trauma, May header illustration


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In order: Carr McClellan: Law/Section icons, Work done for Objective Subject; AARP: Health and Medical Icons, Art Director: Dian Holton; GOOD Magazine: Good 100, Work done for Oliver Munday Group; USAA: Armed Forces’ Spousal Occupation, Work done for Oliver Munday Group; Sophos: Products; ESPN (killed): iPad App, Work done for Oliver Munday Group; Men’s Health: Eye-conWork done for Oliver Munday Group; Aloha! icons, Work done for Dress Code; Chobani: Yogurt Ingredients, Work done for Little Fury; BP: Energy Sources, Work done for Dress Code; AARP: The Influentials: 50 over 50, Work done for Oliver Munday Group

IBM: Big Data and Analytics

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Working with the group at Dress Code I illustrated a couple of scenes for IBM’s Watson Foundations and IBM Big Data & Analytics Platforms that were translated into paper sculptures, by the bad ass Hattie Newman, and then used for a series of stop-motion spots.


Paper cuts are a bitch.

Fordham Fashion Law Institute

Posted on: August 13th, 2010 by John J. Custer No Comments

The brief was simple and straightforward: Create a graphical, forced connection of the of law and fashion worlds—a classic Pentagram mark.


* PRINT 31st Regional Design Annual
* Communication Arts: Design Annual 52
* Featured on Pentagram’s website

AIGA Centennial Gala Titles

Posted on: June 25th, 2014 by John J. Custer No Comments

I was graced with the chance to lead and art direct the title sequences for the AIGA Centennial Gala while working with Dress Code.


The titles were used as intros for a series of 21 live-action interviews, shot by Dress Code, of the 2014 medalist and premiered at the AIGA Centennial Gala.


BP America

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Again, kicking ass with Dress Code, I worked together with them to storyboard, illustrate, and art direct a second BP animation.


This animation in particular highlights the oil giant’s contribution and presence with in the United States during 2013. The animation itself is a matured variation of the BP aesthetic  with more accurate and less cartoon-like illustrations that are accompanied with thoughtfully considered transitions and whips instead of pun-like morphing transitions.

IBM: Phones and Food

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I create and illustrated a series of UX/UI screens for a :30 IBM spot that aired during the 2014 Masters Tournament.

Q Clothier

Posted on: April 15th, 2013 by John J. Custer No Comments

A killed identity for a Dallas-based boutique that specializes in custom and ready-made menswear. The seemingly simple lettermark appears to be made of a single woven thread, while the rest of the identity bears the distinctive details of a well-made garment. A fine square grid is used as a background texture, speaking to the precision required in custom tailoring.


Posted on: January 3rd, 2014 by John J. Custer No Comments

A series of animations created for DuPont that shares their corporate narrative and how they’ve laid the groundwork to face the challenges of the future for the science and food industries.


My role included created a brand conscious illustration style and icon set that I storyboarded and art directed with multiple animators at Dress Code.


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During the 2013 summer the newly established, Portland based, digital studio, Flavor, reach out to me with a simple request, “We need a mark.”


Several months later a wordmark was created along with a “Flavor Flav” typeface. The mono-military-like font was inspired from a single conceptual idea: “What typeface would a 21st typewriter use?” From this idea strong letter forms where created to illustrate the bluntness of Flavors projects while the delicate and playful color palette was selected to reflect the care and joy they bring to each clients specific needs.


You can see the identities use Flavors newly released website:


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Aloha! is a health and wealthness start up, based in New York City, whose aim is to break through the barrier of false claims, conflicting messages in media, and the weak regulations in the wellness industry—all of which create a greater confusion of health.


Working with Dress Code, I create a color and illustrative brand video that clarifies Aloha’s stance on every aspect of wellness and what they are doing to alter the perception of what it means to be healthy and happy.


Accompanying the animation is a collection of over 20 icons where created to be used within the short and to add to the brand assets.


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I created a NIKEiD illustration style and illustrations that were used for Nike Towns and Nike boutique shops with ID departments in San Clemente, Hong Kong, Berlin, London, and Paris. Wall displays and limited edition shirts were created as well.

Harrison Metals

Posted on: December 12th, 2013 by John J. Custer No Comments

An on going series of information animations I took on with Dress Code, for Harrison Metal—describing different aspects of the start-up business—in which I created a cohesive, linear illustrative style, typeface, and color palette that has been used for nearly 30 videos.


Each short was storyboarded and then art directed, with an animator, by yours truly and is continuing to grow each week.

Blog Illustrations

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An assortment of illustrative contributions for a variety of blogs covering subjects form art to sex. Take a gander at the blogs below.


In Order: One, for Type Fight; Last Call, for Jessica Walsh and Tim Goodman’s 40 Days of DatingAn Empire, for Jesse Wienberg’s Global YodelHandsome for Adam Garcia’s llustrated Etymology;Obama’s Support, for Kimberly McGuire’s SK M NG;Spook, for Ellis Latham-Brown’s Beast Every WeekR9726817160 [Spoon], for Alex Griendling’s Raygun52

D Magazine

Posted on: June 2nd, 2014 by John J. Custer No Comments

Assorted editorial illustrations for D Magazine:


In Order: Which Diets Are the Best, The Day I Shot My Dog


Posted on: February 13th, 2012 by John J. Custer No Comments

While working with the crazy crew at COLLINS: I was able to be apart of a large scale rebrand for Optimum Cable. A massive, blunt, and honest rebrand where the name was elevated and used as a verb an active device that is set in A2 Types Regular typeface for the wordmark.

TIME Magazine (2)

Posted on: March 9th, 2014 by John J. Custer No Comments

Another set of assortment of editorial illustrations for TIME Magazine.


In order: Suspected US Terrorist, Devices for Work and Home, Hack Attack: Limits on Rideshares

Nine Lives of Chloe King

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During my stint at Wieden+Kennedy I was asked to create a couple of symbols and assets that ABC would use for a blogger press kit to promote a new show (in 2011) called The Nine Lives of Chloe King. The shows premise, in short, was: An ancient being, the Mia, whom are half human and half Bastet, have been the protectors of the human race for thousands of years from a mysterious being yet to be fully understood.



The show did not last more than about 5 episodes before ABC pulled the plug (surprise?), however, I was able to create a conceptual and cryptic “ancient language” that was used to decode and encode aspects of the mysterious press kid. In fact, ABC loved the marks and language so much that they patented and implemented them in show—of course none of those episodes ever aired but it’s the thought that counts.


The aesthetics for the markings were simply inspired by the claw marks of a cat/Bastet…and I hate cats.


Shout out to Patrick Cahalan for setting it up for me.

The New York Times

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 by John J. Custer No Comments

Op-Ed and Op-Ed Letter illustrations for The New York Times.


In order: A New Way to Achieve Civil Rights? (Read), More Money Can Beat Big Money (Read), Invitation to a Dialogue: ‘Right to Work’ Laws (Read), Reflections on the Convention Seasons (Read)

Charter: Did You Know?

Posted on: January 29th, 2014 by John J. Custer No Comments

A couple 15 second broadcast spots I illustrated and art directed with the Dress Code boys for Charters, “Did You Know?” campaign.


No bells and whistles here, just some plan ‘ole charm!


Posted on: December 29th, 2013 by John J. Custer

Initially, I created a fun little Christmas card for my family to use for 2013 and sent it off to be printed by an online printing house—lesson learned: don’t trust ’em.


With that said, I created some one off “Late Christmas” cards for my mom to use for the Custer’s 2013 Christmas card. Merry Christmas!

MTV Jams: J. Cole

Posted on: December 19th, 2013 by John J. Custer No Comments

Partnering with Dress Code, I storyboarded, designed, and art directed the intro and act graphics for a MTV Jams special on J. Cole.


Using MTV’s current branding elements (Helvetica ) we created some jarring, blunt, and possible seizure inducing graphics.


Unfortunately there are is no audio for the these pieces but please enjoy.


Posted on: March 6th, 2014 by John J. Custer No Comments

Mylan, considered one of the largest generics and specialty pharmaceutical companies in the world, wanted to create an animated short that illustrates the “Standards for the FDA Approval of Generic Drugs.”


A clean and subtle style was create, storyboarded, and then art directed and animated out to simplify the complex process used by the FDA.


I’m sure you’ll learn a thing, or two—or ten.

Roy G Biv

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Roy G Biv is a detailed account and documentation of how color works (in a stupid, crazy, and smart way), what it means (in a stupid, crazy, and smart way), the theories (stupid, crazy, and smart ones) and Judd Stewart’s analysis of it all. It is “An Exceedingly Surprising Book About Color,” and poop is still brown.


Purchase it here.
NPR has a dandy interview with Jude Stewart you can read here.

TIME Magazine

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An assortment of editorial illustrations for TIME Magazine.


In order: Facebooks IOP’s Truth, Demograts, How Will Toledo Vote?, Price of Body Parts, The Case for Optimism, Romney’s Youth, No Longer Superman, The Case for Optimism (killed), Ottomon’s New Borders, Syria, via Russia, 20/20 Foresight (killed), US Energy Source, America Now, Political Fools

W+K Brass Knuckles

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A welcoming/thank you gift for W+K NYC that merges the rambunctious lifestyle of W+K with the hard-as-nails mentality of New York City. What you get is a brass knuckle bottle opener. Each pair is engraved with the employee’s name and start date, and reads:


“Brass knuckles are illegal in New York City. This street-legal bottle opener commemorates the day you started at W+K New York. And not the day you got arrested for toting around brass knuckles, which are illegal according to New York City Penal Law 265.01 (1). Fortunately for you these are in no way shape, or form brass knuckles.*


*Expect in form and shape and, possibly way.” 


To date, two art directors have been arrested—I am not kidding.

GOOD 100

Posted on: May 10th, 2013 by John J. Custer

GOOD Magazine reached out to Oliver Munday Group to design and direct the Spring 2013 issue, their annual “GOOD 100.” My main role as the design assistant involved the creation of initial illustrations and layouts for the “100” feature while working directly with Oliver Munday and James Bamford, the design lead.

Print Magazine: Imprint

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An article written for Imprint, in the Spring of 2011, on the evolution of persons awareness to the responsibilities and dangers of advanced car technology.


Driving: Kick Back, Relax, and Text Chris About Tonight’s Dinner Plans at 9


Being a petrol-head means that I am all about the experience of driving. I love having grease under my nails and a hood over my head; the sound of a roaring engine is more important than a screaming guitar solo through the speakers; and an odd rattle or pressure reading needs to be addressed immediately—with my bare hands. My car is my passion. These are all things that make the driving experience what it is. I also believe that passion is what puts me in the top percentile of driving abilities and safety. I do not mean to belittle drivers that have a clean record—even the worst of drivers can be reckless—but I do mean to call to attention people’s real passions and intent while they are behind the wheel and how innovations have potentially created dangerous driving conditions by hindering drivers and the experience of driving.


Innovations in automotive safety systems, until the 21st century, were mostly designed for situations that were considered uncontrollable or accidental. Seat belts keep you from flying through a windshield in a collision. Airbags protect your head from steering wheels, dashes, and glass windows. Anti-lock breaks shorten braking distances and give the driver more control during extreme braking. All of these advances make for a safer driver and driving experience while still demanding and requiring the utmost attention from the operator behind the wheel.


However, the newest and greatest 21st century advancements in car safety have lessened the need for a driver’s full attention. New innovations have taken the experience of driving from the motorist and given it to the car. For example, cars can now detect when you are swerving, falling asleep, or need a cup of coffee instead of you having to know so. They can tell you that there is a car in your blind spot instead of requiring you to physically check your surroundings. Your car can even stop itself when a vehicle in front of you has clearly stopped but you are busy texting your dinner plans to the gang. Undoubtedly these new safety assistant systems will save lives, money, and property, just as any safety equipment on an automobile should. But at what exact cost do these systems really protect us? Do these new innovations in the automotive world make a car safer or a driver dumber? At what point does a wreck become the cars fault and not the driver’s fault


When the experience of driving is taken away from the driver, there is no longer a need to be a part of that experience. Watching for obstacles, treacherous situations, and unsafe conditions is not a priority: the driver’s full attention is no longer needed to complete a driving task. This means that innovation has failed the auto safety industry, and inventors have unknowingly created dangerous roads with their wishful and temporarily solutions for removing distractions from the car.


Innovation in automotive safety needs to take a few steps back, revisit the drawing board, and try to address the issue they started with—distractions in the car—instead of placing a band-aid over a gash that will hurt when ripped off. Systems that tell people they need to pay attention when they are distracted are great and show where the industry has come from since the Model T. But the much more serious question and problem the auto industry must now face is how to remove the distractions from the automobile altogether and create a lively driving experience on the road, in which people will interact with and actually pay attention again.

Note: I have no issue with Mercedes-Benz. I am in fact a dear fan of the automaker. I only pick on them for argumentative sake of the innovations that Mercedes-Benz has developed for the automotive masses.

Broadway Showchoir Connect

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BSC is an educational showchoir program run by Broadway performer and choreographer, Chris Spaulding. The program utilizes Spaulding’s connections and friends within the Broadway community to connect with both public and private schools, along with various educational institutions. An ownable brand look and proper web presence had yet to be established for the company in the five years since it opened its doors.


A modular and stackable wordmark was created to alleviate the “long name syndrome,” along with a shorted monogram for informal use. A bespoke typeface inspired by the original BSC mark—a hybrid of the 1975 musical “A Chorus Line,” and the neon signs and lights of turn-of-the-Century Broadway—was created, and is also used for patterns and ancillary graphics throughout the brand.



Case No. CLS-1876

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I had the lucky opportunity to be a part of Scott Kirkpatrick, Jason Roemer, Matt Beers, and Nate Utesch’s brilliant publication, Ferocious Quarterly. After initially reaching out about doing illustrative work for the quarterly, I was instead asked—as a dyslexic C-student in English—to write a story! I gladly accepted and became part of the project you see below.


Images and text below provided by


“Be Prepared” sent our contributors on their way with one word as a loose token of inspiration: “SURVIVAL.”


The written words in this issue were prepared a little different than usual. Our writers were given preliminary sketches, rough concepts and illegible notes from our contributing illustrators. They concepted their stories in unison with their assigned collaborators—dueling artists, refining a work together until the final pieces were complete. What we’re left with are stories accompanied by illustration and yet inspired first by illustration.


Contributors: Dan Christofferson, Jon Ashcroft, Joseph Hughes, Jake Dugard, Audrey Riley, Dan Cassaro, Richard Perez, Jes Hunt, Kelli Anderson, Kevin Harris, Erik Marinovich, Roxanne Daner, Scott Allen Hill, Jim Walker, Tuesday Bassen, Cassie McDaniel, Ellis Latham-Brown, Corey Mesler, Lydia Nichols, John J. Custer, Joe Van Wetering, Meg Tuite, Jolby, Joseph M. Mau, and Emory Allen.


* Featured on The Fox is Black



Case No. CLS-1876
By John J. Custer



Standard package:
KIT v11.7.1
Suggested retail price: $395.
Standard equipment: Water bottle, flashlight, carabiner, binoculars, hunting knife, fishing hooks and sting, compass, matches, batteries (4), first-aid kit, pocket knife, eating utensils (3), canned food (3), backpack, 5-year warranty


Optional package(s): 
Wild Wild West
Suggested retail price: $400
Bow, Arrows (25), spear, tomahawk, rope, handcuffs, dynamite (1)


Sports Package V
Suggested retail price: $40
Volleyball (1)


5 O’clock
Suggested retail price: $15
Assorted mini bottles of liquor (3)


Suggested retail price: INCLD
Filtered water


Destination and Delivery
Suggested retail price: $350


Total suggested retail price: $1200



1. Review assignment: Pick up all documents at precinct detailing new infraction with subsequent assignment, date, person(s), location, etc.


2. Purchase proper KIT: Purchase standard KIT along with optional packages suggested in assignment details. You may choose to consult with a KIT specialist.


3. Report to home base: Verify identity with standard issued ID card and voice recognition. Await proper docking station and departure time.


4. Report to assigned docking station: Bring all verified and signed documents and valid ID to receptionist.


5. Follow assignment and order.: Follow out all details in the assignment strictly. Do not deviate from target via people, places, or time. Should unnecessary persons become involved abort immediately.


6. Return to docking station: Once your assignment is completed, report back to docking station in a timely manner.


7. Finish assignment: If your assignment calls for more attention in the real world, address these issues in timely manner. If your assignment is complete, proceed to step 8.


8. Expense assets: Expense all assets and receive payment for assignment.



Case Study Notes


First I should let you know that, by the end of the year, time travel will have been invented. I should know: I was there.


It’s actually quite simple, really. A company called 1985 Inc. discovered that the light and radio waves traveling through 3G and 4G telecommunication could be directed at specific points in our space time continuum. Meaning that the we could communicate and travel to specific times through our mobile devices. Naturally, 1985 Inc. patented this technology and has monetised on their discovery.


At first–as one would expect–this technology was only available to universities and scientific scholars. It facilitated some of the greatest discoveries for the human race and became a tool to help us understand our being and history.


This privatized technology soon became available to the public. More specifically, to those whose wallets were as overstuffed as their egos. Most of these individuals were persons who had a vested interest in changing and rewriting their family history. These high-paying consumers were, more often than not, people who wanted to erase error or blood from their family names … or at least pawn “unfortunate situations” onto others. As you can imagine, these types of scenarios were frowned upon.


During this transitory period, there was a wealthy Texas man named Jeffrey Custer who was so entangled in his family history and image that he felt the need to hire out a small group of goons to carry out the task of erasing the battle of Little Bighorn, removing Custer’s Last Stand from the history books.


Days before my assignment, history books that were not kept in The Vault had no memory of Little Bighorn. All of a sudden, the Custer name was spoken of often and in gentler tones—Jeffrey was now a presidential candidate. April 1st was the day the phone rang for me, again and again. I was to report to my Sheriff Officer for detailed instructions and be questioned before embarking on my new assignment. He wanted to make sure I wouldn’t compromise my task. I had to take the job…




Marks & Wordmarks

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An assorted collection of accepted, rejected, and personal marks.


In order: ArmorWorks: Lightweight body armor; Brakeless: Fixed gear bike shop;  Andrew Wilkens: Copywriter; Clairvoyant: Couture umbrella shop; Mesquite Presbyterian: LGBT friendly church; Motorola: Fashionable technogloy redesign; Inferno Creative: Creative agency; Taleris: GE aeronautical software, Work done for PS212; Mouth: Hardcore rock band; Soles: Online shoe shop, Work done for Michael Freimuth; St. Petersburg Clearwater (killed): Twin Florida beach towns, Work done for Pentagram; Ghostbar: Luxury Dallas bar; The Right Eye: New York City-based talent agency; The LAB School Dragons: Special needs school based in Washington, D.C., Work done for Oliver Munday Group

Google Creative Lab

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During the Spring and Fall of 2013, I was part of two large-scale and over-the-top secretive projects at the Google Creative Lab.


The first project involved joining a small team on a large-scale branding project which included consulting, conceptualizing, and executing a logo, color palette, illustrative style, and language for applications ranging from large format print to pixel-perfect digital bugs. The second project involved the Google Glass team, where I collaborated directly with design leads on product design for a program that will alter the way we “Google.”



Nike Livestrong Fixed-Gear

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A self-initiated side project of creating a fixed-gear bike to pay tribute to Lance Armstrong became an internal Nike project within five days. Greg Leedy, the art director for Livestrong, asked us to use the fixed-gear bike as a display for Livestrong’s prototype pedals and footwear at an internal meeting with Nike executives. This led to the branding and development of the “Razor” fixed-gear bike along with a business plan that could be used as a platform to bring both Nike and the pedal into the urban bike market. After five sleepless days, this is what we created.

Etsy Live Action

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Three small-motion pieces were illustrated, laser cut, and shot for an Etsy brand video.


Inevitability, the videos were killed and not used. Damn.

Brand New: 2020 Olympics

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An article written for Brand New reviewing the proposed marks for the 2020 Olympics.


You can read the article here.

Brand New: Korinthos FC

Posted on: August 19th, 2011 by John J. Custer No Comments

An article written for Brand New reviewing Korinthos FC’s new look.


You can read the article here.

Project M 2008

Posted on: June 1st, 2008 by John J. Custer

Project M is an intensive summer program founded by John Bielenberg which aims to inspire young graphic designers, writers, photographers, and other creative people to show that their work can have a positive and significant impact on the world.


My Project M 2008 Team, in collaboration with HERO (Hale Empowerment and Revitalization Organization), has created a permanent Design Lab space in Greensboro, Alabama. By open-sourcing Project M to other evolving, passionate designers, Project M has become a catalyst for change in a county and country that needs it. Instead of solving one isolated issue in the community, we address multiple inadequacies, and in the process shift the global perception of what a young designer’s responsibility and role in our changing world can be.


We spent the first half of June 2008 conceiving the project, and the last half executing it. Our goal was to renovate an old schoolhouse into a light-filled studio. We created tables, installed lighting, designed and installed a new bathroom, built an L-shaped bench that is situated in a space that will become a community garden, created signage, and more. Along with the physical building, we created a virtual resource that easily connects and informs aspiring young innovators about Project M, its advisors, alumni, and past, present and future projects.


Visit the Project M Lab website.

Editorial Illustrations

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Assorted editorial illustrations for all types of publications:


In order: Fortune: What Business Should Do To Restore U.S. Competitiveness?, Art Director: Chad McCabe, Work done while employed at Oliver Munday Group; Huffington Poster: USPS Trouble, Art Director: Andrea Nasca, Work done for Oliver Munday; Bloomberg Businessweek: Meet Chinas Master of the Markets, Art Director: Shawn Hasto, Work done while employed at Oliver Munday Group; American Way: The Professional Thrift Shoppers, Work done for Oliver Munday Group; Money Magazine: Help Desk? (iPad App), Art Director: Rich Morgan, Work done for Oliver Munday Group; Nature Magazine (killed): Honor The Helpful Writers, Art Director: Barbara Izdebska, Work done for Oliver Munday Group; Four Seasons Magazine: Fashion Palette, Art Director: Jaimey Easler, Work done for Timothy Goodman;   Nature Magazine: Honor The Helpful Writers, Art Director: Barbara Izdebska, Work done for Oliver Munday Group.

62nd BP Statistical Review

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Working with Dress Code, I storyboarded, illustrated, and art directed the 62nd BP Statistical Review of World Energy: A review that unlocks the story of global energy trends in 2012.

Chris P. Wolf

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“I scratch your back, you scratch mine,” is the motto of Chris P. Wolf’s website and our working relationship.


The uber-simplified, responsive site provides only links to websites that Wolf has developed—the work speaks for itself.

Nike 10

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To maintain the relevance of the Nike internship brand, the “Nike Adrenaline Internship Program” name was dropped, and the simpler name of “10” (a.k.a. Nike 10) was adopted. The new moniker breaks language barriers across the world, allowing the internship to truly be “global” while remaining affiliate-specific with connotations such as “Top 10 Billboard” (Converse), “Hang 10” (Hurley), “Perfect 10” (Cole Haan), etc. Along with numbers being fundamentally sports-related (scores, times, etc.) the icing on top of this rename is that the internship is a 10-week commitment, and the inaugural year of the rebrand would have been Summer 2010.


The development of the brand visuals balances the heritage of Nike and sport with a simple typographic treatment that takes cues from the running track (where Nike began), the ’68 Olympics, and BRS (Blue Ribbon Sports)—which was the original name of Nike.


“If you have a body, you’re an athlete.” –Bill Bowerman (Nike Co-Founder)

Protected: Participant Media

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Brand New: State Farm

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An article written for Brand New reviewing State Farm’s simple update.


You can read the article here.

Nick News

Posted on: August 1st, 2013 by John J. Custer

Nickelodeon’s On-Air department approached me to help them create a new aesthetic style for Nick News. The final application is a textured, editorial illustration style that helps illuminate the serious, dark, or at times lighthearted subject matters facing young adolescents. A set of assets are created on an as-needed basis, and I remain the the lead illustrator for the monthly episodes of this continuous project.

Brand New: Life OK

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An article written for Brand New reviewing Life OK’s mark and iconic character.


You can read the article here.

Wall Street Journal

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An assortment of editorial illustrations for the Wall Street Journal.


In order: The Longevity of Unemployment, Deadly Birthdays, Relationships and Shoes (killed), Gender Politics, The Education Race, Driving With Decibels, Robbers, Keep Your Day Jobs (killed), Robbers, Keep Your Day Jobs, Relationships and Shoes (killed), Sleep and Diabetes, Cold and Crisp Advertising, Learning Dreams, Gun Law Incompetence, Facebook Ads, Staying Sharp, Apathetic Money, Country Club Clash, Digital Dating Dominates, Psychopaths and Presidents

Assorted Illustrations

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An assorted collection of accepted, rejected, and personal illustrations.


In order: Fight the good fight solider: My college portfolio logo; Creativity; Charity Greed, Work done for Oliver Munday Group; American Express: collages and hand done type, Creative Director: Lee MaschmeyerWork done for COLLINS:; Institutional Investor: Financial establishments, Work done for Oliver Munday Group; Swiss Army Romance: Personal photo illustration.

Brand New: Easton

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An article written for Brand New reviewing Easton’s rebrand.


You can read the article here.

Where I Wanna Go

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An ongoing project done while listening to “On the Road Again.”


Posted on: September 26th, 2013 by John J. Custer No Comments

Val: Personal Project; BSC Liner: Typeface for Broadway Showchoir Connect; Flavor Flav: Typeface for Flavor; Guster: Typeface for Dress Code

Brand New: Plymouth University

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An article written for Brand New reviewing Plymouth University’s “With…” identity.


You can read the article here.


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Assorted editorial illustrations for the German magazine, WirtschaftsWoche.


In order: Job Creativity, German Health Insurance Equality, Job Creativity (killed), Knowledge Sharing and Management

Brand New: Cloo

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An article written for Brand New reviewing NBC’s mystery channel, Cloo.


You can read the article here.

Assorted Typography

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An assorted collection of accepted, rejected, and personal typography thingies.


In order: HONOR FW’13 invitaion type exploration (killed); St. Petersburg Clearwater Monogram (killed): Work done for Pentagram; Quirky Monogram (killed); Home.To wordmark (killed); wordmark (killed); Chobani type illustrations: Work done for Little Fury; DGS delicatessen sandwich sign: Work done for Oliver Munday Group; HONOR FW’13 invitaion type exploration (killed); Cojourneo wordmark (killed): Work done for Ed Nactional.

W+K NYC Illustrations

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Internal branding and illustrations done for Wieden+Kennedy NYC.


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My team designed a complete brand and product line for a performance-wear company that develops products designed to promote balance, strength, and flexibility. The bands have been designed around the proportions of the brand’s iconic “C” mark.


* Featured on TheDieline.


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A simple gallery website that was developed for PHYN, a women’s surfwear company. The site was optimized for iPad use and designed to showcase each garment in a full-bleed, seamless, clear manner while protecting their integrity with password protection.


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Branding and collateral were created for the Kyoto-inspired timepiece boutique, Dedegumo. The entire space was created by JPDA in Brooklyn, and provides a beautifully contemporary environment that pays homage to classic Japanese architectural materials and style by adapting a regional vocabulary of fine wood carpentry, rough stone, and hand-forged metals. The branding materials support this aesthetic with the raw texture of chipboard, embossed branding materials, and dyed wraps. I wish I got a free watch.


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When AFOG’s initial name and mark (FOG) came under legal scrutiny, I was asked to help them create and update their mark with the new name. With that, I cleaned up the dysfunctional mark and gave it a respectable aesthetic.


A website is coming down the pipeline.

Nike Women’s Training

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Nike is in the process of rebranding the Global Women’s Training category by moving away from the ultra-feminine, “pretty in pink” stereotype to honor serious female athletes. These shirts were the first foray into this direction. Specific phrases and words were illustrated to encapsulate the feelings, thoughts and emotions of women who are serious about training. All of the bras and shirts depicted here were on sale during the 2010 Spring and Summer lines.

Brand New: House Beautiful

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An article written for Brand New reviewing House Beautiful’s new work mark, which was done by typographer Jeremy Mickel.


You can read the article here.

The Institute of Play

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Illustrations for The Institute of Play’s “Q [Quest] Design Pack,” a game design resource based on the Quest School’s model of game-like learning.


The pack can be viewed in its entirety here.

Information Graphics

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In order: BUILD: Assorted Infographics, Work done for Oliver Munday Group; Ausanil: Nasal spray instructions, Collaborator: James Bamford, Art Director: Karen Messing, Science America: The Edge of Ambition, Art Director: Ian Brown, Work done for Oliver Munday GroupInstitutional Investor Magazine: Assorted InfographicsArt Director: Diana Panfil, Work done for Oliver Munday GroupMen’s Health: Worms!?, Art Director: Michael Schnaidt, Work done for Oliver Munday GroupInstitutional Investor Magazine: MapArt Director: Diana Panfil, Work done for Oliver Munday Group; Rotman Magazine: Integrated Cascade, Work done for Oliver Munday Group.


Nike Unknown

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While working at Nike, I was part of several large-scale branding projects that came out of the Nike Innovation Kitchen. This one in particular will never see the light of day, but I swear it’s freakin’ sweet.