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DFW Child Illustrations

Posted on: April 1st, 2013 by John J. Custer No Comments

Editorial Illustrations for a small, Dallas-based parenting magazine, DFW Child.


In order: Parental Depression’s Effect on Children, Toxic Furniture, The State of a Broken [CPS] System (2), Mommy Needs A Drink, Mommy Needs A Drink 2, The State of a Broken [CPS] System (1), Toxic Furniture (killed), Family Deportation, Government & Birth+Babies: Section headers, [Adult]escent Trauma, May header illustration

Q Clothier

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A killed identity for a Dallas-based boutique that specializes in custom and ready-made menswear. The seemingly simple lettermark appears to be made of a single woven thread, while the rest of the identity bears the distinctive details of a well-made garment. A fine square grid is used as a background texture, speaking to the precision required in custom tailoring.