Editorial Illustrations

Assorted editorial illustrations for all types of publications:


In order: Fortune: What Business Should Do To Restore U.S. Competitiveness?, Art Director: Chad McCabe, Work done while employed at Oliver Munday Group; Huffington Poster: USPS Trouble, Art Director: Andrea Nasca, Work done for Oliver Munday; Bloomberg Businessweek: Meet Chinas Master of the Markets, Art Director: Shawn Hasto, Work done while employed at Oliver Munday Group; American Way: The Professional Thrift Shoppers, Work done for Oliver Munday Group; Money Magazine: Help Desk? (iPad App), Art Director: Rich Morgan, Work done for Oliver Munday Group; Nature Magazine (killed): Honor The Helpful Writers, Art Director: Barbara Izdebska, Work done for Oliver Munday Group; Four Seasons Magazine: Fashion Palette, Art Director: Jaimey Easler, Work done for Timothy Goodman;   Nature Magazine: Honor The Helpful Writers, Art Director: Barbara Izdebska, Work done for Oliver Munday Group.

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Work done for assorted clients

Illustration: John J. Custer